"Acts of creation are ordinarily reserved for gods and poets.
To plant a pine, one need only own a shovel."
~Aldo Leopold

Hi, I am Dora Berry.

What is it about me and my services that sets me apart from other landscape designers? Well, as I have been told, the rumour has it that I am a Nature-Expert. I like that. Growing up on a hobby farm connected me with Nature: from exploring the Aspen groves, ponds, and goat trails; to growing, raising, and preserving our food; to being in awe of my parent’s creation of beautiful flower gardens and orchards. It was magical, yet tangible. This is where the biologist, conservationist, homesteader, cook, and artist was born.

During my University years, my studies of Conservation Biology as well as the my work to pay for school, further feed my love for Nature, Gardening, and Design. I worked in a local greenhouse where my innate understanding of botany, horticulture, and plant design was honed. Yet, I longed for wilderness, and took short biologist contracts in many unique places across western Canada and USA. Living off the land, immersing in wilderness, and connecting with amazing communities and cultures in these places opened my World.

After a stint teaching post-secondary biology and soil sciences, I decided to change my career path as to focus on bring Nature back into the Urban landscape. I went on to study Landscape Architectural Technology, and it was not long after I was hired as an Environmental Planner and Landscape Designer for a leading Landscape Architecture Firm. And oh, the spaces we created! Planted Urban Plazas, Naturalized Parks, Constructed Wetlands, Restored Riparian Zones, Remediation Rain Gardens... my heart swells. But with becoming a parent, I needed to pull back and go independent. I created Nature’s Elements.

Fast forward to today, January of 2018, and after years of residential landscape design and nature education programs, I realized that this is NOT what I have to offer. I am offering the service of a Nature Expert. I am offering the service of a Designer of Landscapes, Gardens, & Habitat. I am offering joy, beauty, peace, and empowerment.

There are many landscape designers out there, who can make your yard beautiful and functional. If you are looking for more than aesthetics, and desire something more for your home... more rich, filled with life, abundant, uplifting, rejuvenating... then contact me.

Let’s Bring Nature Back.