Like Junkie-Grass on Synthetic Fertilizer: Now We Be Sheet-Mulchin’!

I’ve been told I am lucky to know my purpose; my passion. It ain’t luck. And it is a drug.

Everyone wants a reason to be here; to feel meaningful and driven. They see this in me.
Let me tell you what I have learned:

Our purpose is not singular, not finite, not stagnant. Our purpose is dynamic and evolving. Our purpose is a series of awakenings and impacts we create as life unfolds.

And when you taste it, sweet Divine, is it fiiiine! And you live it; breathe it; preach it… until it is not enough… and you need a deeper fix. The sooner we discover our purpose, the deeper we go, and deeper yet. We are likely to crash and burn… but this too is part of the process. The evolution comes from awakening from this… like a Phoenix is reborn from the flames.

This last decade, has been a hell-of-a ride… a roller-coaster, with so many twists, turns, and highs, and then BOOM! Crashing down, recovery, and back up again. My purposeful business expanded and boomed, and then my health crashed. And repeat. And repeat.

Like grass addicted to synthetic fertilizers…
the grass grows and is fertilized - then experiences huge growth, doesn’t have the reserves to sustain the growth and starts to wither - it is given another hit - and it expands again on the high it has but no actual nourishment -  it may be given another hit - but soon, it collapses… If it survives, the grass rehabilitates over winter, with the washing rains, with the beneficial fairy rings… but come spring, the synthetic, addictive cycle repeats.
Current society thinks it is bettering their grass. They have been misled. Let nature take over.

Confessions of a Junkie:
I was a landscape design junkie, that would do the nature-poor design.
I was a nature-preaching junkie, that would do free talks, giving my energy without exchange.

2006-2016: A decade of my purpose turned into addiction to wanting to help everyone with their yards, but compromising my truest understanding of sustainable design and nature, and compromising my energy and health.

2016: the final crash of my health as well as my purposeful work, followed by an intense rehab.

2017: My name is Dora, and I am a recovering synthetic-design & free-talks junkie! And I JUST SAY NO TO DRUGS!

The Future: I am letting my life and purpose unfold, but here is what it is showing me:

#1 My Nucleus: My Family & Me!
This last health crash showed me how fragile life is, how fragile my life is. My little saplings are growing in this challenging World and need my nurturing. And my Oak & Reed (Strength & Foundation), my husband, is he who I paddle this river of life with.

#2 My Home: My Urban Food Forest & Homestead!
This is where my energy and passion are directed after #1. Last year we sheet-mulched most of our grass and started planting!

#3 My Work: Nature-Coach!
Say Whaaaaat??? I am coaching you to create Nature in your yards and homes, as well as reconnecting your Soul with Nature. I am offering workshops and seminars on growing your own food, on creating and enriching habitat, and on sustainable design. I am offering home consultations, focusing on these above topics. In the Spring, I am offering sustainably grown garden seedlings for your gardens!

So folks, the intention of this Blog is to share the evolution of our home landscape into a beautiful habitat for my family and all of Nature’s Elements.
The Blogs will be SHORTER with periodic YouTube videos! I will share the success and follies, and I hope you will learn and laugh with me.

My Nucleus.

My Nucleus.