Gatherings are Not Just for Faerie Folk - Ye Ken!

- Is this where the Faerie folk gather?
- Ay, they do.
- Then why have I come here?
- *grin* Need I say?

Gathering: Reading/Caversham, UK, 2016

Gathering: Reading/Caversham, UK, 2016

On my Walk in the Woods in the UK a year ago, I came upon this place.
A Gathering Place.
The awe and mystery of Nature penetrates through my skin, my bones, and deep into my Soul.

I have always been called to nurture plant, animal, soil, rock, water... to nurture them and our connections to Nature... And deeper yet,

to Nurture our Souls back to Nature

to this Awe & Mystery, and to the Magic & Wonder, Belonging & Connection, Peace & Joy, Kindness & Light, Oneness.

- Can you have these connections in your life? Daily? In an El Nina year in central Alberta?
- YES!

- Does it take a miracle worker to teach you to nurture your yard, or create more from it?
- No. But maybe a Faeire... a Nature Angel brought to nurture our Earth and guide our connection with Nature.

- Am I a Faerie?
- *grin* Need I say?