A Bag Full of Bull Shizzle! Bury that Sh*t.

Burying the Shizzle... Planting Faith Seeds... Manifesting Dreams!

Burying the Shizzle... Planting Faith Seeds... Manifesting Dreams!

You know you do it too. We have these self-expectations, these assumptions, these self-imposed requirements to prove something. To – Prove – Something!
We have nothing to prove. But we all have a lot more to Gain.

Have you had a little awareness to your Deepest Wishes? Truest Feelings? Have you been so hard on yourself thinking that you are being RIDICULOUS for these wishes and feelings?
pssst… we all do it.
For some, it may be a battle with self-worth. For some, it may be a place of resignation. For others, it was what we were always told... that we were being ridiculous or that it was something too far fetched, or that something else was more important…

We are all worthy. We are all deserving. What you think & feel is important.

If you have a wish, a desire, a dream, a goal, or even just a pure thought, why can you not go for it? What's keeping you from them? Could it be...
- Money?    ...Yup, that can be it.
- Relationship differences?    ...Yup, for sure.
- Something, someone, somewhere, somehow, …. it is holding you back? Limiting you? Confining you?   ...Yup, any of these.

The only limitations are those we put on ourselves.

I do it. You do it.


It’s all Bull Shizzle!!!

We must get to know our truest desires… which may take a whole lot to figure out. But it may also be easy. Fight it = it will be hard. Allow yourself to go deep and listen = it will be easy.
How bad do you want it? Do you feel like your life is good enough as it is?

Just By Being Alive, YOU DESERVE THE BEST!

So, how bad do you want it?

I have want it baaaaaaaad for a long time.
And I limited myself. I settled. I mastered self- guilt. I had other things to prove.
It’s all Bull Shizzle.

I know my truest desires. I have been limiting them for decades. Here I am, still with my bag full of bull shizzle, and you know what Birches? I am going to plant that sh*t.

I am going to take those self-imposed limitations and criticisms, and all that shizzle, and BURY IT and turn it into GOLD MANURE!
Yup, by burying those things that are keeping me from my truest desires and dreams, will allow me to plant with faith the seeds of my dreams, and manifest them into fruition!

And like any seed, our dreams need warmth, nourishment, nurturing, and protection.

And more specifically, we and our dreams need:
- Self-care.
- Commitment and hard work. Loads of Determination.
- Daily renewal of Peace & Joy, of Faith & Gratitude, and of our connection to Nature.
- Keeping negative out. Respecting our boundaries. Recognizing our Shizzle and Burying it.

So, my fellow-humans, I am taking full stop from landscape design and consultation work… other than my own landscape. I am still serving through my workshops and seminars, and this fun and fabulous blog!

I have some big dreams to manifest!
- creating this suburban yard into a paradise of Nature, Family, Food, & Celebration
- urban homesteading and sustainable community living
- and a tiny, off-grid, log-cabin in the wilderness
- among other things….

They are all big dreams to tackle… big bulls to ride. And it is going to be a hell-of-a-ride. And any shizzle that comes out of my dream-bulls, well, I am just going to plant the sh*t.