Summer Lovin’: An Open Relationship with my Garden

Yes. I am in love with SASKATOONS… so wild and sweet.
But... I also am in love with SCARLET RUNNER BEANS… crazy, sexy, red heads.
Then there are the GREEN BEANS… just so uncomplicated, easy, and committed.
None compare to my two greatest lovers… well, especially when we three are together…
TOMATO & BASIL!!!... (I can’t even describe them… when plucked fresh… I just can’t.)

I love my garden... we take it inside… we take it outside….
Oooh the endless bounty!
* Summer Squash & Winter Squash!
* Cantaloupe and Cucumbers!
* Lettuce, Kale, Chard! Beets!
* Herbs of aaaaalll kinds!
* Peppers, Sweet & Spicy!
* Potatoes!
* Raspberries, Gooseberries, Currants, Haskup!
* Aaaaaapples!
* Straaaaaawberries!!!
* Peeeeeeppermint!!!

Last Autumn, more loves were planted in our yard…
Asparagus ;)
Plums!!! Cherries!!!

And guess what… I am planting more!
and soooo many more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Don’t get me started on all the COMPANION FLOWERS!!!!


Sooooo, uhmmm...
who else is starting their vegetable seeds this month?
~ and also dreaming of their Summer Lovin’? ~