Stolen Ideas but Gained Lesson?

Have you ever felt that your ideas have been stolen? I have… several times, and usually from the same culprit companies.

I have great ideas.
Ideas that bring me joy and help other people… and that in it’s self brings me joy.
Ideas that I can do as my work.
Ideas that help others, bring me joy, and help provide for my family.

I am a person who knows herself, who knows others, who connects with different people of many walks of life and of the range of ages.

I don’t have much capital or resources. I just have me, my contagious enthusiasm, my extensive knowledge and experience, and my ability to connect with others.

I share my ideas. I start to promote them.

And in a couple blinks, another company is doing it too. I’m cool with that. I’m cool with others being inspired to also make a difference in the World. It would be ridiculous if I didn’t.

What’s hard, is that they are bigger companies, that have the capital & resources, and they run with it. And they do great. I am happy for them. But a bit peeved.


I love and hate that word. I love it for when it drives us to be our best. I hate it when the bigger guys step in and make it seemingly non-achievable for the small sole proprietor.

Were my ideas stolen? It sure feels like it. Did I steal them from somewhere else? I don’t think so, but if I did, it was not intentionally. My business ideas come from my own purpose to create a healthier, happier natural World and most especially, in my ability to connect with others and understand what they want.

I shall celebrate that I have inspired other businesses to make a more environmentally-aware and nature-appreciated society.

Hmmm… maybe I should be a “green” consultant for businesses? I know the Earth pretty darn well, especially our local ecosystem and ecology, and since I know people pretty darn well, I can teach other businesses on how to reach their target audience and how they can help create a more ecologically sound World. From greening their offices, to greening the clients!

Or maybe I should be a post-secondary instructor again? Guiding adults wanting to make a career out of their interests in ecology, the built environment, and urban landscape design.

Or maybe I should look at other avenues to bring my passion and purpose to fruition?

Or maybe I keep on doing what I have been doing… consulting and designing residentially, keep on doing nature & garden education programs, keep on taking differing projects inline with my biological, conservation, landscape design, and nature education background, and keep on the track I am on… but take that competition and make it drive me more?

Maybe I should stop thinking of my business as small. And I greatly miss it feeling big. It might just be that I have gained a stronger push to make my business what I know it can be.

I have something to gain from this repeating theft-experience.

You, my clients, colleagues, former-coworkers, and friends, what are your thoughts?

Thanks, your Nature & Nurture Ninja, Dora