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Stolen Ideas but Gained Lesson?

Have you ever felt that your ideas have been stolen? I have… several times, and usually from the same culprit companies.

I have great ideas.
Ideas that bring me joy and help other people… and that in it’s self brings me joy.
Ideas that I can do as my work.
Ideas that help others, bring me joy, and help provide for my family.

I am a person who knows herself, who knows others, who connects with different people of many walks of life and of the range of ages.

I don’t have much capital or resources. I just have me, my contagious enthusiasm, my extensive knowledge and experience, and my ability to connect with others.

I share my ideas. I start to promote them.

And in a couple blinks, another company is doing it too. I’m cool with that. I’m cool with others being inspired to also make a difference in the World. It would be ridiculous if I didn’t.

What’s hard, is that they are bigger companies, that have the capital & resources, and they run with it. And they do great. I am happy for them. But a bit peeved.


I love and hate that word. I love it for when it drives us to be our best. I hate it when the bigger guys step in and make it seemingly non-achievable for the small sole proprietor.

Were my ideas stolen? It sure feels like it. Did I steal them from somewhere else? I don’t think so, but if I did, it was not intentionally. My business ideas come from my own purpose to create a healthier, happier natural World and most especially, in my ability to connect with others and understand what they want.

I shall celebrate that I have inspired other businesses to make a more environmentally-aware and nature-appreciated society.

Hmmm… maybe I should be a “green” consultant for businesses? I know the Earth pretty darn well, especially our local ecosystem and ecology, and since I know people pretty darn well, I can teach other businesses on how to reach their target audience and how they can help create a more ecologically sound World. From greening their offices, to greening the clients!

Or maybe I should be a post-secondary instructor again? Guiding adults wanting to make a career out of their interests in ecology, the built environment, and urban landscape design.

Or maybe I should look at other avenues to bring my passion and purpose to fruition?

Or maybe I keep on doing what I have been doing… consulting and designing residentially, keep on doing nature & garden education programs, keep on taking differing projects inline with my biological, conservation, landscape design, and nature education background, and keep on the track I am on… but take that competition and make it drive me more?

Maybe I should stop thinking of my business as small. And I greatly miss it feeling big. It might just be that I have gained a stronger push to make my business what I know it can be.

I have something to gain from this repeating theft-experience.

You, my clients, colleagues, former-coworkers, and friends, what are your thoughts?

Thanks, your Nature & Nurture Ninja, Dora


Crazy for Control: In your Garden, Family, & Life!

Photo Credit: Carillon Jane Photography

Photo Credit: Carillon Jane Photography

A seed flourishes from what is inside itself, and from only allowing nourishment and warmth in, and keeping harm out.
— Dora Berry

Gardeners realize that there is much we can not control.
We can’t control the seasons nor the weather.
We can’t control the moon nor its gravitational pulls.
We can’t control Nature nor it always working to restore itself.

I am blessed that my father and grandparents showed me to work with what I could not control as a gardener… to work with the seasons, the moon, Nature.

Relationships. How do we learn to work with what we can not control in our relationships?
If only I could get my children to listen.
If only I could get my spouse to understand.
If only I could get my boss and colleagues on board.
If only they would apologize; forgive; appreciate me.

For me, control is about diminishing scary variables... those scary variables are fear-based… and those fears manifest into my relationships.
Fear of my children hurting physically, mentally, or emotionally.
Fear my spouse doesn’t appreciate me.
Fear my work is inferior to others.
Fear my potential, goals, and dreams will never be realized.

CHAOS: “If I can control all the outside factors, then maybe I can control what I am feeling inside”… This is WRONG!!!

If only I would listen to my children.
If only I understood my spouse.
If only I was on board with my team.
If only I would apologize; forgive; appreciate them.
If only I listened, understood, apologized, forgave, appreciated myself!

… and if I do, the internal chaos would calm and I would not desire control…

And from there relationships grow.

A seed doesn’t flourish because of what it can control outside its seed-coat. A seed flourishes from what is inside itself, and from only allowing nourishment and warmth in, and keeping harm out. Then, it can burst forth and truly show itself!!! All the while never loosing its inner power nor its selective coat.

We can control what is within us.
We can control what we allow in and what we don’t.
We can control what we allow of ourselves out to the World.

What relationships are you trying to control in your life?
What can you do within yourself? – listen to yourself, forgive yourself, appreciate yourself, etc
What do you need & desire into your life and what is not allowed?
What do you desire to give out of yourself and to who?

The seasons, the moon, Nature, have taught me that I also go through seasons, cycles, and forces. I beautifully wear my seed-coat, nurture myself within, nurture my relationships, and I burst forth into my truest self and flourish!

We got this.

For some more guidance on releasing the chaos of control and creating calm within you, here is a video from

A Bag Full of Bull Shizzle! Bury that Sh*t.

Burying the Shizzle... Planting Faith Seeds... Manifesting Dreams!

Burying the Shizzle... Planting Faith Seeds... Manifesting Dreams!

You know you do it too. We have these self-expectations, these assumptions, these self-imposed requirements to prove something. To – Prove – Something!
We have nothing to prove. But we all have a lot more to Gain.

Have you had a little awareness to your Deepest Wishes? Truest Feelings? Have you been so hard on yourself thinking that you are being RIDICULOUS for these wishes and feelings?
pssst… we all do it.
For some, it may be a battle with self-worth. For some, it may be a place of resignation. For others, it was what we were always told... that we were being ridiculous or that it was something too far fetched, or that something else was more important…

We are all worthy. We are all deserving. What you think & feel is important.

If you have a wish, a desire, a dream, a goal, or even just a pure thought, why can you not go for it? What's keeping you from them? Could it be...
- Money?    ...Yup, that can be it.
- Relationship differences?    ...Yup, for sure.
- Something, someone, somewhere, somehow, …. it is holding you back? Limiting you? Confining you?   ...Yup, any of these.

The only limitations are those we put on ourselves.

I do it. You do it.


It’s all Bull Shizzle!!!

We must get to know our truest desires… which may take a whole lot to figure out. But it may also be easy. Fight it = it will be hard. Allow yourself to go deep and listen = it will be easy.
How bad do you want it? Do you feel like your life is good enough as it is?

Just By Being Alive, YOU DESERVE THE BEST!

So, how bad do you want it?

I have want it baaaaaaaad for a long time.
And I limited myself. I settled. I mastered self- guilt. I had other things to prove.
It’s all Bull Shizzle.

I know my truest desires. I have been limiting them for decades. Here I am, still with my bag full of bull shizzle, and you know what Birches? I am going to plant that sh*t.

I am going to take those self-imposed limitations and criticisms, and all that shizzle, and BURY IT and turn it into GOLD MANURE!
Yup, by burying those things that are keeping me from my truest desires and dreams, will allow me to plant with faith the seeds of my dreams, and manifest them into fruition!

And like any seed, our dreams need warmth, nourishment, nurturing, and protection.

And more specifically, we and our dreams need:
- Self-care.
- Commitment and hard work. Loads of Determination.
- Daily renewal of Peace & Joy, of Faith & Gratitude, and of our connection to Nature.
- Keeping negative out. Respecting our boundaries. Recognizing our Shizzle and Burying it.

So, my fellow-humans, I am taking full stop from landscape design and consultation work… other than my own landscape. I am still serving through my workshops and seminars, and this fun and fabulous blog!

I have some big dreams to manifest!
- creating this suburban yard into a paradise of Nature, Family, Food, & Celebration
- urban homesteading and sustainable community living
- and a tiny, off-grid, log-cabin in the wilderness
- among other things….

They are all big dreams to tackle… big bulls to ride. And it is going to be a hell-of-a-ride. And any shizzle that comes out of my dream-bulls, well, I am just going to plant the sh*t.

Gatherings are Not Just for Faerie Folk - Ye Ken!

- Is this where the Faerie folk gather?
- Ay, they do.
- Then why have I come here?
- *grin* Need I say?

Gathering: Reading/Caversham, UK, 2016

Gathering: Reading/Caversham, UK, 2016

On my Walk in the Woods in the UK a year ago, I came upon this place.
A Gathering Place.
The awe and mystery of Nature penetrates through my skin, my bones, and deep into my Soul.

I have always been called to nurture plant, animal, soil, rock, water... to nurture them and our connections to Nature... And deeper yet,

to Nurture our Souls back to Nature

to this Awe & Mystery, and to the Magic & Wonder, Belonging & Connection, Peace & Joy, Kindness & Light, Oneness.

- Can you have these connections in your life? Daily? In an El Nina year in central Alberta?
- YES!

- Does it take a miracle worker to teach you to nurture your yard, or create more from it?
- No. But maybe a Faeire... a Nature Angel brought to nurture our Earth and guide our connection with Nature.

- Am I a Faerie?
- *grin* Need I say?

Like Junkie-Grass on Synthetic Fertilizer: Now We Be Sheet-Mulchin’!

I’ve been told I am lucky to know my purpose; my passion. It ain’t luck. And it is a drug.

Everyone wants a reason to be here; to feel meaningful and driven. They see this in me.
Let me tell you what I have learned:

Our purpose is not singular, not finite, not stagnant. Our purpose is dynamic and evolving. Our purpose is a series of awakenings and impacts we create as life unfolds.

And when you taste it, sweet Divine, is it fiiiine! And you live it; breathe it; preach it… until it is not enough… and you need a deeper fix. The sooner we discover our purpose, the deeper we go, and deeper yet. We are likely to crash and burn… but this too is part of the process. The evolution comes from awakening from this… like a Phoenix is reborn from the flames.

This last decade, has been a hell-of-a ride… a roller-coaster, with so many twists, turns, and highs, and then BOOM! Crashing down, recovery, and back up again. My purposeful business expanded and boomed, and then my health crashed. And repeat. And repeat.

Like grass addicted to synthetic fertilizers…
the grass grows and is fertilized - then experiences huge growth, doesn’t have the reserves to sustain the growth and starts to wither - it is given another hit - and it expands again on the high it has but no actual nourishment -  it may be given another hit - but soon, it collapses… If it survives, the grass rehabilitates over winter, with the washing rains, with the beneficial fairy rings… but come spring, the synthetic, addictive cycle repeats.
Current society thinks it is bettering their grass. They have been misled. Let nature take over.

Confessions of a Junkie:
I was a landscape design junkie, that would do the nature-poor design.
I was a nature-preaching junkie, that would do free talks, giving my energy without exchange.

2006-2016: A decade of my purpose turned into addiction to wanting to help everyone with their yards, but compromising my truest understanding of sustainable design and nature, and compromising my energy and health.

2016: the final crash of my health as well as my purposeful work, followed by an intense rehab.

2017: My name is Dora, and I am a recovering synthetic-design & free-talks junkie! And I JUST SAY NO TO DRUGS!

The Future: I am letting my life and purpose unfold, but here is what it is showing me:

#1 My Nucleus: My Family & Me!
This last health crash showed me how fragile life is, how fragile my life is. My little saplings are growing in this challenging World and need my nurturing. And my Oak & Reed (Strength & Foundation), my husband, is he who I paddle this river of life with.

#2 My Home: My Urban Food Forest & Homestead!
This is where my energy and passion are directed after #1. Last year we sheet-mulched most of our grass and started planting!

#3 My Work: Nature-Coach!
Say Whaaaaat??? I am coaching you to create Nature in your yards and homes, as well as reconnecting your Soul with Nature. I am offering workshops and seminars on growing your own food, on creating and enriching habitat, and on sustainable design. I am offering home consultations, focusing on these above topics. In the Spring, I am offering sustainably grown garden seedlings for your gardens!

So folks, the intention of this Blog is to share the evolution of our home landscape into a beautiful habitat for my family and all of Nature’s Elements.
The Blogs will be SHORTER with periodic YouTube videos! I will share the success and follies, and I hope you will learn and laugh with me.

My Nucleus.

My Nucleus.