By sharing with the many, I can spread the knowledge and inspire the change.

Educational programs have focused on various topics and for a range of ages!
Seminar and workshop topics have covered organic gardening, indoor plants, naturescaping, patio gardens, to gardening wellness and nature-therapy. Children and youth programs are fun, educational, and hands-on... and I'd say the adult ones are too!

Educational walks for nature and garden programs have taken us in our Aspen Parkland forests, urban natural areas, community gardens, rain gardens and wetlands! Preschool & elementary programs love the topics of seasons, botany, and ecology, and we also have a lot of fun with Earth Day and Solstices!

I have engaged with schools, municipalities, community organizations, and even groups of friends! Contact me to organize an educational event!


Programs on Nature Education and on Sustainable Landscapes & Gardens are always in the making! Find them Event Calendar and register today! Join the discussion & fun on my Facebook events!