Lead by Nature Expert Dora Berry, Nature’s Elements works with you to create landscapes, gardens and habitats that grow peace, comfort and nourishment – guided by sustainable design practices that are aligned with our Earth.


Sustainable Landscapes


Lush green, flourishing flowers, abundant botanicals, exquisite design… these beautiful landscapes are maintained by Nature! By creating the building blocks for ecological processes to take shape in your yard, your gorgeous planting beds, trees, and vegetable gardens will thrive! 

Edible Growing

Growing food feels so good, and it improves so many aspects of our lives. Grow food in patio containers, in lovely kitchen gardens, expansive no-dig ground beds, or food forests.  You can grow food and it will be beautiful and delicious! 

Habitats & Yards

Your yard is a piece of the ecosystem, providing diverse habitats to many species of wildlife. City pocket yards or rural acreages, each can enrich their landscapes for biodiversity, as well as to manage wildlife species that are less desirable close to home. 


Where’s Dora? - She’s always on a nature adventure & you can follow along!

Dora is always on the move spreading the joy of nature to those in her community. You can watch her daily green musings on Instagram or immerse yourself in a treasure trove of tricks and tips in Dora’s blog posts. And, be sure to check the events listing to see where you can interact with Dora face-to-face in workshops, seminars, and classes.

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Spring has sprung!!
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